Hi, I'm Kristine the creator of Doglux products, I have always had a love and connection with nature and animals and strongly believe in the saying “Let food be thy medicine" (Hippocrates) not only medicine, but nature also has an abundance to offer our skin, homes, pets, and more. I believe that nature has a cure for everything, we just need to find it.


I have spent many years making plant-based products, from facemasks to bench spray, and now my most loved creation dog shampoos. I felt the need to do this as I was becoming fearful of the products I was buying and uncertain about what chemicals I was bringing into my home and exposing to my children and pets. 


I choose to buy the best quality, organic, and natural ingredients to obtain the best results and it means you end up saving a lot, in the long run. I have found that when using these natural and organic products it reduces skin irritations.


Doglux products are kinder to the environment these products help preserve the environment by significantly reducing the pollution they could produce. One of the main obstacles to environmental consumption is a high price for Eco-friendly products, Doglux provides a reusable forever tin for the dry dog deodoriser and up-cycled compostable packaging for the cleansing shampoo bar preventing plastic pollution from single-use bottles and keeping the product cost-effective.

My customers have greater transparency in the products they purchase, including knowing where their products come from and what their ingredients are and a shorter ingredient list.


Dogluxs offers safe products that are eco-friendly, and affordable baby. 

Natural Cosmetics